PortaCraps is the Bridge Between Street Craps and Traditional Casino Craps!

Craps is without a doubt the most exciting game in a casino.  However not everyone can make it to a casino, and those that can, are sometimes intimidated to play because of the complexity of the game. With the exception of playing Street Craps, the option to play Craps outside of a casino with your friends is almost impossible. The traditional layout of Craps whether in a $3,000 full size table, $65- 3 in 1 casino fold out game, or a $19.99 felt layout, all share one thing in common. These layouts are virtually unplayable. Less than 5% of Craps Players can actually deal craps as “The House”, much less by themselves. A craps game for recreational use needs to be fun, portable and simplified. Both versions of Portacraps Mat and PortaCraps Table have been simplified.  For the player– An easy to learn, scaled down version of the traditional game of Craps, that focuses on the most common wagers with some subtle differences. Players place their wagers with a unique, color-coded system. For the dealer– easily managed by one person acting as the house, with an already calculated Pay Grid that keeps track of rolled numbers with acrylic spacers. This allows for a simple payout at the end versus after every roll to keep a consistent flow of play. Are you ready Shooter?