PortaCraps, the first and only Craps Game, that is Fun, Portable and Simplified!

The Bridge Between Street Craps and Traditional Casino Craps!

Craps is without a doubt the most exciting game in a casino.  However not everyone can make it to a casino, and those that can, are sometimes intimidated to play because of the complexity of the game. Up until now, the option to play Craps outside of a casino with your friends is almost impossible. The traditional layout of Craps whether in a $3,000 full size table, $65 3 in 1 casino fold out game, or a $19.99 felt layout, all share one thing in common. These layouts are virtually unplayable. Less than 5% of Craps Players can actually deal craps as “The House”. So unless you have Craps Dealers on standby, you can Fuhgettaboutit. A craps game for recreational use needs to be fun, portable and simplified. Oh yes and of course, PLAYABLE. Portacraps is FUN: Needs no explanation. PORTABLE: Everything needed to play is rolled up in a 3” X 24” plastic tube for easy transport and setup.